Goat Cheese

Halloumi Cheese is a truly traditional Cypriot product. This exquisite semi hard Cypriot cheese is made from sheep, goat and in some cases cow’s milk.

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Halloumi Cheese has a prominent position in the diet of Cypriots since ancient times and its production making process passed from generation to generation. Beside its unique, truly captivating taste, Halloumi Cheese can be used in many food recipes.

About "Goat Cheese"

You can serve Halloumi Cheese either fresh or matured. When matured, Halloumi Cheese gives out an even better saltier taste. It is the perfect combination with some refreshing watermelon, with Lountza in sandwiches or grated in pasta dishes as a main course. You can pair it with Coumandaria, semi-sweet and sweet wines.

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Nutrional Labelling
For 12
Energy 12
Fat 12
of which saturated 12
Carbohydrates 12
of which sugar 12
Proteins 12
Salt 12